Thursday, November 5, 2009

Custom T-Shirt Blanket and Quilt - Full of Memories and an EXCELLENT GIFT

Hi there.... the holidays are coming up and you want to find a unique gift to give a love one....
Well, here it is.

Custom T-shirt (Sweatshirt) Blankets

Custom, Unique and Memorable....T-Shirt Blankets

Take your, your child's or your friends, husbands, grandmothers, ...anybody.....gather old t-shirts....

I will create a memorable blanket for you and yours.

Old T-Shirts + Materials + Your Design and Ideas = A one of a kind memorable blanket for you to keep FOREVER and pass down.

The pictures that I am showing are examples of a couple blankets that I have made.

For the bigger blanket: I used old t-shirts and heavy camo fabric..however for the toddler blanket, I used old t-shirts, receiving blankets and the wrap I used to carry him when he was a baby. Be creative with your memories...

The price is negotiable and varies according to your needs and the shipping is an estimate...

Let's have fun!!!

Don't forget your pet. Make one for them too..They are sure to love it!!!